Story Behind the Design


When our boys were toddlers, we would travel with my husband to his job sites with my loom. One day, As I had my blank loom set up. I kept thinking of what I could do with all these colors and it was my first time using red. That night I dreamt there was a huge Rain storm over us. I was standing by the window watching these colored lightning waves hitting the ground.

When my husband left for work the next morning, I followed him outside only to see no rain. So I sat down in front of my loom and all I could see were zigzags. As I grabbed my weaving comb, and yarn and started weaving, my designs formed and I never knew how to do serrated edges (eye dazzler shapes). Amazed by this, I kept weaving thinking I’m gonna lose what I could see.Just then my Grandpa called to chat and tell me how everyone is doing, back home.

I asked him “What does this mean cheii (grandpa)?” Explaining my dream. “Can we really weave new designs without even studying them first?” His response “That’s a vision. Weavers naturally dream of their own personalities with the designs they create and weave. Now you’re experiencing your own. With that said may you keep weaving. May you one day be admired by many and show everyone your creations. Grandpa is proud of you. All I can say is I know someone famous, she’s my granddaughter “.

Shijéí bitłʼáádę́ę́ʼ tsʼídí yéigo ahéheeʼ (Thank you from the bottom of my heart) for reading this backstory of how My Dream Receiver came about in my mind. I’m very thankful for everyone’s beautiful comments, likes/loves, and shares.

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